Cosmetology Career Advice

Cosmetology Fla blog post by Sarah Johnson

Thinking of choosing a cosmetology career choice? Awesome, great career choice you get to make people feel better about themselves and live the life only dreams are made of, well, at least my dreams…but lets get real – cosmetology is a great career choice. The awesome energy in the salons, the happy guests that are in and out all day, and getting to do what you love if that’s why you are doing it…which brings me to my next point, do it because you love it, because it’s your passion because that is what makes you happy. It can be for several different reasons but the main one is PASSION! Sure, the money can be great and there are of course perks, but life is short, if you want a career in cosmetology, because that’s what you love, go for it!

I began at Aveda Institute of Tallahassee in Nov. 2011. A long lost dream finally coming true! I couldn’t have picked a better place to pursue either. Aveda is my dream come true, and I guess my advice to you is don’t put your dream off do what you love and there really is no better place to start than Aveda. Make sure you find the place for you where your dreams come true. GO COS!