Questions When First Deciding to Attend a Beauty School

Blog post by Orlando Cosmetology student Ana Goncalves

AVEDA Institute Orlando cosmetology hands on experience
Hands On Experience During Fashion Shows

When I decided to drastically change career paths at the age of 34, from the corporate world, to the world of beauty, I needed to make sure that I chose a school that would start me off with the best reputation possible.

I Googled cosmetology schools and many were listed, Aveda being one of the top 2. So, I began to ask myself, what did I find lacking in my personal salon experiences and therefore what would I like to learn in order to provide a service better than what I was accustomed to receiving.

Because I am not a very high maintenance person, I dont really know what I should be doing or asking of my hair, and therefore what to tell my stylist I want, and whenever I asked for recommendations, the stylist never provided much insight.

When I began to read about Aveda, the first thing that captured my attention was “hands on experience” which I felt was very important because everyone is different. A mannequin head can only teach you so much. Skin tone, bone structure, hair type are a few factors that I know make a hair style look good or bad on a person, and because I treat others the way I would like to be treated, I wanted to learn these details in order to recommend the best possible look for my client.

So once I discovered that Aveda not only taught all of these things, but was also environmentally friendly, which again matched my life motto, the decision became easier. Then, when I discovered that Aveda not only taught its students to cut, but to consult by asking key questions that will help the stlyist recommend the appropriate style based on the clients personal routine, hair condition, ability to maintain look, etc. the decision became very clear.

Aveda Florida Eco Friendly Beauty School
Aveda Florida Eco Friendly Beauty School

Then, when I contacted the school, the representative was attentive, followed up with me within a few days and interviewed me, which made me feel that not just anyone can get into Aveda, and therefore held high standards because they value the power of their name and want serious professionals to carry their brand.

My advice to anyone thinking of entering the cosmetology industry would be to ask yourself, “do you want to know how to be a hair cutter, or a hair consultant?” The difference is night and day. Aveda’s curriculum will not only teach you the latest cut and styling techniques, but their education on customer service, product knowledge and ability to run your own salon, is going to make you stand out from the rest.

This school is for someone that understands the impact a consultant can make in a persons life. It may be the boost of confidence that client needed to go out and apply for a job they once felt was above them. It may be a shy, insecure persons new perspective of their self worth.

Aveda’s curriculum asks for its students to be concerned with the clients best interest, and if done correctly, their name will help you stand out from the rest and provide a financial freedom that you determine off your own efforts and good intent.