The Aveda Institute: A Cosmetology School Apart

Blog post by Jacksonville Cosmetology student: JoAnna Wallace

In previous blog posts I’ve already spoken about how cosmetology school was a split second decision for me. How something that I’d joked about five years ago suddenly became a reality, despite being in the beginning of a successful career in a completely unrelated industry. When I first decided to begin studying cosmetology, the Aveda Institute was my first and really, only, choice. However, while in the process of applying online I did stumble across a few other beauty schools / cosmetology programs.

AVEDA Florida Beauty Schools Cosmetology Schools

I will refrain from naming any names but I was not impressed with the other options available in Jacksonville. While the recruiters were pleasant and accomodating, their programs seemed very basic, their graduation rates were daunting and affiliation with the school did not introduce you to a network of cosmetology professionals the way going to Aveda does.

While being one of the first classes to launch a new school has presented its challenges, I’ve had the opportunity to learn in a beautiful, modern facility from stylists that are passionate about their work and Aveda. I have had access to advanced theory and techniques that students attending other cosmetology schools will not learn in advanced education classes, and even then only if they make it to a reputable/high-end salon.

As an Aveda graduate I will be more than a product of mass-production, minimum effort. I will be an artist with far greater knowledge and experience than non-Aveda graduates. This will not only place me a cut above the rest when it comes time to finding a chair, but will also mean that I am best equipped to satisfy my guests and treat them to an experience that transcends an ordinary cut and color.