Ombre Highlights Are Back In Style

Blog post by Beauty School Fla student: JoAnna Wallace

The Ombre Highlight is a ‘grown out’ highlight look that features a gradual lightening of the hair toward the ends of the hair. The style can be combined with any number of colors, from the more traditional brown to blonde to red head ombres and primary colors.

Many celebrities are sporting the look, from Jessica Biel to Drew Berrymore. When done correctly it is a subtle transition that looks very tasteful and natural.

The look can be achieved a number of ways, but the most traditional method is to section panels of hair from the underside of the hair and take subsections larger than that typical of highlights. Gently tease the hair at the base of the subsection and then place the remaining hair on a foil. Paint the enlightener on the strands a bit farther down from the teased section. The developer (or color, on pre-lightened hair) can be staggered to create a gradual transition. Complete saturation is not essential in this look, because variation creates a more natural look.

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Some stylists will also combine thin highlights from the crown down to further enhance the look of a sun-kissed veil.