What Makes Aveda beauty schools Fl Unique?

Blog post by beauty school Fla student: Dahra Saccardo

I’ve had some experience at other schools and there are several things that put Aveda a cut above the rest: Aveda has a dedication to environmental responsibility and good use of the planet’s resources; they keep their products clean and free of animal testing; they have commitment to treating the whole person – body, mind, and emotions; and they have a deep caring for the world around us.

I am so much more at home to be in a place where I know the people teaching me have a philosophy of health and wellness as a life path than I would be if I were surrounded by people pursuing beauty at the expense of the world around us. Aveda Institute Fl and those associated with it are compassionate, caring individuals who work to keep the world a healthy, harmonious place to live in.

Beauty can’t only be on the surface, it has to include the choices we make. As we choose to honor all life we are helping to maintain a healthy, balanced earth. Aveda is teaching us to be proactive in out careers, in our lives, and in our communities.

I’m also really happy to be working with all natural products that are plant based and safe for those who use them and for the environment. As someone with a ton of food allergies and chemical sensitivities, it’s a relief to know that the products I work with are good for me. When I shop I have to be very careful, and through my schooling at Aveda I’m learning more about their products, and all they can contribute to not only my health and well-being, but also people around the world.