Aveda Beauty Schools Raising Money For Earth Month

As you know April is Earth Month and Aveda is raising month to provide clean water to a village in India – among other organizations. In this village young girls must walk 7 miles to retrieve water, and even then it’s not clean, healthy, great tasting water.

Here at the Orlando Institute we will be having a Fashion Show with the theme “Current” to raise money. This event will be held April 29th. So come by show your support. Don’t forget to come in and purchase Stress Effects candles where all the proceeds go towards helping provide clean water to those in need.

It is important for companies like Aveda to be environmentally aware because every effort, no matter how big or small, that is put in by those companies, helps protect the Earth. Just by doing something as simple as a bake sale or school-wide raffle to raise money really makes a difference. Aveda also takes bigger steps than that, such as basing their power source off of wind rather than less environmentally conscious sources.

Aveda also has separate bins for garbage, plastic, glass, etc., placed around the school so that every object that gets disposed is put in the proper disposal bin. All of these things make a difference to the Earth!

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