AVEDA South Florida Raises Money for Earth Month

Beauty School Blog:

At Aveda Institute South Florida, we are raising money for Earth Month. We are doing this by selling home made foods or drinks to our fellow students, instructors, or our guests. Raising money for Earth Month at Aveda Institute fits the Aveda culture because at Aveda, we are all about the planet and striving to make Mother Nature happy.

By supporting the “Go Green: effect in the U.S”, Aveda gets to give back to Mother Nature for her help in making Aveda products what they are today.

If anyone aspires to be more environmentally loving, it has been suggested that you unplug all plugs not being used, before you go to sleep for the night in order to conserve energy. Also, try using less water. For example, turn off the water while brushing your teeth. Another way to conserve energy is to open the windows during the day instead of turning on the air conditioning. The earth will be as kind to us as we are to it. So, lets take care of our one and only!

is one of the leading companies when is comes to environmental leadership. Here at Aveda we making not just our goal but our responsibility to help others and our planet on a daily basis. But once a year we take it one step further by celebrating Earth Month.

This year for Earth Month we are working with CURRENT to raise not just money but also awareness about providing wells to villages in other countries. We tend to take for granted the fact that we can just simply walk to a faucet for clean water while in some places people have to walk for miles!

So this year we at Aveda are raising money to build a well in a village that helps to supply us with some of our ingredients for our all natural products. Each class has a goal of raising $1,000 (which most are already a quarter to halfway there) by then end of April. We do this by having food sales, raffles, and benefit events at the institute. On top of the class goals, Aveda is also donating 100% of the proceeds raised by the sales of our stress effects candles to CURRENT for the month of April!

It has been so much fun doing these food sales and blow dry benefits and knowing that it is all for a good cause makes it just that much better.