Summer Hair Style Tips From a Beauty School Student


Beauty School Blog:

Hey Ladies! Living in this Florida humidity means frizz, especially for us girls that have curly hair! An easy way to get rid of frizz and maintain that sexy beach wave is by using Aveda’s Be Curly system.

So many ladies say they don’t have time to do their hair but, here’s some great news, your hair could be styled after using the Be Curly shampoo and conditioner! This curl enhancing duo combats frizz and boosts shine! If you are going for the summer fun beach wave, my personal favorite, you only have to complete two steps and then you’ll have that hairstyle!

After using Aveda’s Be Curly shampoo and conditioner, grab the Be Curly Style-Prep. This Style-Prep provides all-day frizz control, moisture, and curl definition! All you need to do is apply evenly through damp hair and, voila’, step one is done.

Next, get out your Be Curly Curl Enhancer; this product is AMAZING! Not only does it tame frizz and boost shine but it majorly intensifies curls! For this last step, smooth the product generously onto damp hair and grab your diffuser! For added volume, lift your roots while diffusing. Make sure you dry your hair only about 80% of the way to avoid unwanted fly-aways. Now you have accomplished the sexy beach wave without having to go to the beach!

Beauty school blog post by: Diandra Sori