Confidence Built By AVEDA Institute South Florida

Starting something new can be a very challenging and tedious thing. When I first started school at Aveda in June of last year, I was not only excited, but very nervous at the same time. Learning everything in intro was probably one of the toughest and most frustrating things I’ve ever done because I kept trying, and trying, yet I just couldn’t get it.

A few weeks, and phases passed, and soon enough I had my first guest. Once I got through that, it was all uphill from there! Guest, after guest, my confidence sky-rocketed and the next thing I knew, I was in masters about to graduate! Aveda showed me that you can’t always expect to be the best at everything, especially when your first learning and the only thing you can do is keep practicing.

With help from my educators, and fellow students, I now feel like I’m ready for my own chair!

Blog post by Aveda Institute South Florida student: Samantha Walsh