About AVEDA Beauty School Educators

I attend the Aveda Institute here in Tallahassee and its my best experience ever. I would have to say its all because of the Experienced Educators! I’ve been through many different educators since I’ve started in the Intro Phase and all the way up until my A-2 phase which is where I am now, I’m still learning more and experimenting more each day. They’re not only your educators, but they are also your friends and they treat you like family. They inspire me so much and motivate me to love Aveda even more than I do now. We not only work hard and take great care of our guests, but we have fun while we are doing it – and that’s what it’s all about!

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee student: Sebrina Timmons

I personally would like to tell you a little bit about being a student at Aveda and what it’s like! First and foremost our educators are AMAZING and they really do care about your education and that we all get the most out of it. We learn allot more than all of the other schools around our city and when you complete all 13 months you will be ready for the real “salon world” and know what kind of products recommend to your clients to keep there look going at home. We are even taught to show the guest how to style at home, which is amazing.