Two Student’s Journey With AVEDA

I started at the Aveda Institute Orlando at the end of June. I have learned a lot in just the past few months, and our group only just now got out of the Intro phase. Marisol teaches the Intro phase and she is a fantastic teacher and very thorough. We have covered every product that Aveda carries, and have also had the opportunity to use each product in class on our mannequin heads. There is a wide range of people in school here and all ages. Overall, Aveda has been great experience so far. I recently started applying at salons as an assistant, and the feedback I’ve been receiving from the employers is remarkable. They love hearing the fact that I go to Aveda, and I know it looks great on a resume. If there was one thing that sold me on the school, was finding out that though the minimum for hours to take the state exam is only 1200 hours, Aveda offers 1600 hours, that is 400 hours extra so that the student is very much a professional by the time they get out of school.

Blog post by Aveda Institute Orlando student: Julie Claire

My Journey so far with Aveda… I started classes here at the Orlando Aveda Institute approximately fourteen weeks ago. When I first started I was a little nervous. It was like going into a sea full of people.. in which you knew no one. I quickly found out that everyone welcomed me with smiling faces, especially the teachers. The students were all very nice and welcoming, but it was the generosity of the teachers that really caught my eye. I have had four teachers so far, Marisol G., Hayley, Nitcha, and Eva. I have come to find that every single one of them has helped me in a large significant way! They are all very knowledgeable and have something different to offer us. I have nothing but good things to say about all of the teachers here. I can even speak for the ones I have not had yet. I have seen them in the hall ways and teaching other classes; they all have a lot of experience, professionalism, and nothing but good intentions.

When I first started here I knew practically nothing about hair. I am happy to say that every day I am here, I learn about eight different new strategies or techniques for hair. I say eight because that is the medium amount of what I learn. I possibly learn more on some days. They teach us a lot of different strategies and then they work on building our technique. Half or more of what we do is physically manipulating, styling, and practicing on the hair. The other half or thirty to forty percent is used studying book work. It is all very important in order to shape us into the best students we can be. There really is a method to every madness here at Aveda. It may be practicing combing the right way twenty six times before we get it down. However, eventually we get it.

I am proud to say that every single teacher and student has helped me learn at this Institute in a large way! I am proud to be a part of this Aveda “Team.” Where our entire goal is to help change the world and make it a more natural based place for everyone to live and breathe in. One person at a time.

Blog post by Aveda Institute Orlando student: Allison Graham