Aveda Institutes South: Beauty Schools That Care

Aveda Institute South Florida is always looking for new ways to give back. An example is the upcoming fashion show in which all proceeds are given to breast cancer. Aveda is also sponsoring a job fair this coming Monday to help those in search of employment and to branch out and get an early look at some of the network salons.

Aveda as well, is currently sponsoring pink days in which all proceeds also go to breast cancer as well as Friday jean day. From all of these events and many more to come, you are able to see how Aveda truly sticks to its mission and cares for the world we live in.

Aveda is always pushing and striving to be the best at all it’s name is on. This definitely ensures that Aveda will continue to put 110% into all of these important causes equally and wholeheartedly.

Always and forever Aveda Cares.

Blog post by Aveda Institute South Florida student: Niko Arrington

To show that we support and are aware of the lives that are suffering from/battling breast cancer we either wear pink shoes or a pink shirt for a donation of $5 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. There are a lot of women battling breast cancer so it’s the least we can do to show support.

My aunt is a survivor of breast cancer and has been living without it for a while now and she always speaks on how thankful she is to still be alive today breast cancer free.

Blog post by Aveda Institute South Florida student: Tiye Long

Breast cancer is one of the top killers of women and the fact that Aveda is making donations year round and during the month of October is very satisfying. The efforts to raise money with “jean day” and “wear pink” (shirt and/or shoes) are great ways to get everyone involved.

Another great example is the fashion show that is coming up. They are using “Iconic Women” as the theme which I think is awesome and appropriate. Especially being that it is for breast cancer which mainly effects women.

My aunt had breast cancer and has thankfully conquered the disease, but at the same time any research or funding that is provided is wonderful for those that are still fighting and looking for alternative methods.

Blog post by Aveda Institute South Florida student: Cassie Adams

It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.