What It’s Like to Attend an Aveda Beauty School

As a Student at Aveda, I can honestly say that as a school it is amazing. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The curriculum is great and their techniques are a major thumbs up! I’m really glad I chose to come to this school rather then the one I was going to originally go to, everything about Aveda is way better.

In my perspective, I feel that Aveda is an amazing company. They are always trying to benefit others not just themselves. As our mission states, we try to give back to society. Now that I am in the Aveda industry, I hope to never leave Aveda.

Blog post by AVEDA Institute South Florida student: Amy Orta

Being a student at Aveda is an amazing experience. So far I have learned numerous amounts of information about hair and nifty techniques to do styles. I’ve met so many different people and plan to continue to do so. Aveda offers so many opportunities for me as well as everybody else. Their products are amazing and work so decent on my hair. The smell of the products smell awesome as well. This month is breast cancer awareness month at Aveda, and we shall be hosting numerous events to raise money for the cause. Anything donated would be greatly appreciated by the Aveda family.

Blog post by AVEDA Institute South Florida student: Farrell Kam

Aveda is a great school to attend. They have many things that they offer that other beauty schools don’t. Aveda offers opportunities that are beneficial to your learning and will help you get farther with your career once you graduate. For example they do fashion shows, like the one coming up which will feature women that inspire us. Also we do things on our editorial team. They do fashion shows and also work with people such as the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders. When you compare our school with other schools out there, I think that it has the most to offer. I would recommend this school to anyone who would want to be in the beauty industry.

Blog post by AVEDA Institute South Florida student: Jenna Castellanos