AVEDA Beauty Schools In Miami / Ft. Lauderdale Area

Aveda is a great school to attend. They have many things that they offer that other beauty schools don’t. Aveda offers opportunities that are beneficial to your learning and will help you get farther with your career once you graduate. For example they do fashion shows, like the one coming up which will feature women that inspire us. Also we do things on our editorial team. They do fashion shows and also work with people such as the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders.

When you compare our school with other schools out there, I think that it has the most to offer. I would recommend this school to anyone who would want to be in the beauty industry.

Aveda Institute student blog post by: Jenna Castellanos

Aveda. A is for awesome. V is for vivacious. E is for excellent. D is for da bomb. A is for amazing.

Aveda is such an awesome school that it makes my day to wake up an come here!! It takes such great care of the students and the world. I’m so proud to be attending this school. If I had a choice to be anywhere else I would say “NOPE!!! Keep me at Aveda!! Lock me up and throw away the key!!!!” This school does such great humanitarian things for the world and tries to always do the right things

Aveda Institute student blog post by: Gaby Delatorre

Aveda has been a wonderful experience!