Hair Trends for 2013 & How to Create Them


curl beachy hairI think that big hair is coming in to trend for 2013. Big curly hair or soft beachy waves. To get these curls you can start of with shampoo and conditioner be curly. Then following with be curly style prep; this is to prep the hair before styling it and de-tangle your hair. Then you splash a little of volumizing tonic and apply it directly to your front top and sides of your scalp. After that you can apply be curly enhancer all over your hair ( this will give you more of a beachy curl if your hair is not curly). Or you can apply confixor liquid gel for more control and precise curls.

Once that’s done then you can section you hair into 1″ and twist it in one direction and then the others to the opposite direction. After you finish twisting all of your hair then you can proceed with drying your hair at warm temperature using a diffuser. Hold the diffuser and place it on your hair up and down slowly. Do this to all of your hair and ta-dahh yo u get a beautiful curls. Ohh and if you want to secure your locks and get control the final step to this is to spray be curly enhancing hair spray.

Blog post by AVEDA Institute South Florida student: Mayra Centeno