New York Fashion Week

Tadashi Shoji mercedes benz fashion week So this month held the uber wonderful Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week, and let me tell ya what this gal loved immediately: Tadashi Shoji, ladies. Holy goodness, this amazing man was definitely the highlight of day 1. Inspired by pre-revolutionary Russia, every gown he showed is everything I’ve ever wanted in my closet. Ever. Imagine overly romanticized fashion mixed with the harshness of a Russian winter, and drama, DRAMA, in the styling. Punches of dark and metallic in eyes and lips set this girls bones a-chillin. And like the pro’s have been predicting for a while, texture is back in hair!

Tadashi Shoji mercedes benz fashion week Shoji’s ladies sauntered down that runway in puffed up pony’s like they had come in right from a blizzard. Thankfully, Aveda makes products to make that look easily attainable (thank the heavens!), and I am here to walk you through it!

For this particular look, I would suggest the Aveda Pure Abundance product line pack mixed with Light Elements to achieve natural looking volume and weightless texture.

With towel dried hair, spray the Pure Abundance Style-Prep at the roots. Work through some Confixer (quarter size amount) to give some hold to the style, and blow dry with a round brush at the crown, and down using your fingers to give a natural wave and flare to your hair.

At the crown, sprinkle some Pure Abundance Hair Potion, and use your fingers back and forth in a quick scrubbing motion to bump ya up, and thicken that hair up to 17%.

Tadashi Shoji mercedes benz fashion week
With your hair wild and free (that’s the point in this one, duh), use about a quarter sized amount of the Light Elements Texturizing Creme, and emulsify through your hair to really define that texture weightlessly. Secure it in a low ponytail, keeping about an inch or two of a center part visible, and finish the look off with Pure Abundance Hair Spray.

Va va va voom, Madame Karenina!

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tampa Bay student:
Ellen Miller