Haircut Ideas


haircut ideas The hair style I chose was asymmetrical but I call it the “Meagan Good Short Hairstyle”. It is a very popular hairstyle that can be easily done.

To achieve this look you have to do as follows:

  1. Shampoo and condition hair with aveda dry remedy.
  2. Mold hair with phomollient.
  3. Flat wrap hair until it is completely dry.
  4. Cut hair at a 45 degree angle and leave one side an inch and a half longer than the other.
  5. Add tracks to the longer side to create volume.
  6. Razor extensions to avoid a blunt angle. (The cut will have a more natural finish and blend).
  7. Style hair and add a glossy finish of choice.

Blog post by Aveda Institute South Florida student: Nandi Dennis