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Aveda’s vision is directly in line with the guest services we provide and customer service they receive from the moment they walk into one of our salons or spas. They create this vision by living by the Aveda mission and performing the 12 points of difference. A salon experience should never make you feel anxious, and I believe that Aveda really strives to make their guests feel at ease as soon as they walk in or sit in your chair.


Any time you go in for a service, you are immediately greeted and offered hot tea or water. When you are walked back with your stylist, they are engaged and ready to find out more about your hair. Throughout the consultation, they find out what you’re using at home, your daily routine, how often you receive hair services, and what kind of look you would like upon leaving the salon. The consultation is a crucial point in the service, and I feel that Aveda’s thorough approach really shows the guest that we are there for them and their needs. The service also includes a complimentary head and shoulder massage to ensure that our guests feel relaxed and ready to move into the shampoo spa. After the shampoo, Aveda’s superior hair-cutting techniques are used to create a personalized style for the guest. This is extremely important since there are so many different face and body shapes and lifestyles to consider. Not every guest is the same, and I feel like Aveda really aspires to make every guest feel pampered and exceptional when they are finished receiving their cut and blowout. The finishing touch is a special extra Aveda does when the service is coming to an end. From a makeup touch up to a complimentary hot towel, you always feel refreshed when your service ends. When we walk you out, our responsibility as stylists is to advise you on how to maintain your look at home. Through our Experience Center, we show you products we suggest you take home and how to use them. Upon check out, we ask if you’d like to see us again.

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Aveda has taught me so much about how people should be treated in the service world. This school has prepared me for the floor and my job at home. There is so much you can learn from an institute that gives you real world experience. From what they do to the salon to the time and effort they take to restoring our world, Aveda really is the only place I have ever felt at home. Aveda cares, and if you have a true passion for what you do, you will too.

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee Cosmetology student: Kayla Gibson