Men’s Hair Styling Tips


justintimberlake55thannualgrammyawards02 OK guys, the hair world maybe dominated by women but there’s plenty of room for you too! Let me begin by saying I am absolutely in love with the latest men’s hair trends rocked by one of my favorite artists Justin Timberlake: the comb over. This look can be achieved with any hair type as long as the person is willing to take the time to style it. Remember if curly haired JT can do it so can you.

What you will need:

  1. A haircut with shorter sides and longer top (somewhat like a polished Mo-hawk)
  2. A Blow dryer
  3. Denman or 9 row brush
  4. Air Control/grooming clay

Start with a clean head of hair. Then blow dry the sides and back of the hair in a downward and backward motion. Take the top of the hair and blow dry it at a 90 degree angle (towards the ceiling). Part your hair to the side to achieve the comb over look that brings the whole look together. Style with hairspray or pomade and you are done!

Blog post by Aveda Institute South Florida Cosmetology Student: Natasha Garcia