The Aveda Salon Experience


Aveda Hair Salon in Tallahassee FloridaI am currently a student at the Aveda Institute Tallahassee, and have had the privilege to encounter the Aveda experience on the forefront as a guest, and now as a student behind the scenes.

Having both experiences has given me more insight on what goes on at Aveda. People may look at Aveda and think, “That’s just another salon.” Wrong – the experience that you receive is much more than that of another salon.

Beauty School Student FloridaAs a guest at Aveda, the first few things I noticed were the very soothing aroma, the upbeat atmosphere and the courtesy of the employees and students. This was the first salon that I visited that offered the guests a beverage. I thought that right off hand, this salon is different. I soon realized that the warm greeting and welcome was only the beginning for my amazing salon experience.

Aveda offers stress relieving rituals, a sensory journey, finishing touches, and not to mention helping the guest understand how to care f or their hair at home, prior to their departure from the salon. These differences help put Aveda above and beyond any other salon offering the same services.

I know how I felt when receiving these services, and now I feel honored to be a part of it all! Aveda is simply ahead of the competition because of the complimentary services that are offered. If someone is having a rough day, the atmosphere at Aveda can help you unwind, relax, and feel so much better than when arriving. Honestly, there is nothing that I would change regarding Aveda; it is the best choice when choosing a salon.

Aveda offers great customer service, products that are good for the environment, and it allows the guest to feel confident enough in their style and being able to maintain it. Who wouldn’t want to be a guest at a salon experience like that?

Blog post by AVEDA Institute Tallahassee Cosmetology student: Brittney Mitchell