My Experience at the North American Hairstyling Awards

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NAHA Vegas, Vegas, Vegas. Where dreams are made and banks are shattered and nothing, I mean NOTHING, seems to be off limits. I could regale you with tales of all the bizarre and seemingly unreal oddities I encountered in this crazy city, but fortunately, there was an absurd amount of beauty as well.

I was in Las Vegas for the fabulous North American Hairstyling Awards, as well as being a part of the glorious Beacon Program, and actually got to go behind the scenes backstage at this event. You’d think schmoozing with Mario Lopez would be enough, but it didn’t even begin to compare with all the other marvelous things I witnessed.

Shout out to Brandon Thompson, Aveda Jacksonville, for winning a pair of Dimitrios Tsioumas (NAHA Masters Stylist of the Year Winner 2013) shears in the Second Hand Scissor Project which no doubt will guide him to greatness. Speaking of Tsioumas, Holy. Moly. It’s like a color bomb exploded in a magical Steampunk fantasy world.

Being backstage and seeing his models enter for the opening runway, I was speechless (something that you all know happens quite infrequently). Eclectic sewn garments and aviator goggles galore! Hair that not I could see, but I could hear with every fiber of my being screaming “Yes! This is what I would like to see everyday for the rest of my life!” Tsioumas achieved the impossible: a modern, fresh, eye popping collection that has the possibility of being timeless. He did not just do hair, he created art.

I’m so honored I got to meet him and feel he was truly deserving of his win.

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tampa Bay Cosmetology Student: Ellen Miller