Haircut Ideas For Your Face Shape

Most popular haircuts are created by finding the face shape.

The basic steps on creating a hair cut based on face shape is fairly simple. You don’t want to highlight your problem areas, so if you have a long face, long straight hair tends to drag it down even more.

If you have a round full shape you wouldn’t want a short curly cut. It makes the face look rounder.

On a square face, you want to emphasize and draw down the jaw line with something like curls or a choppy look.

An oval shape face can pretty much get away with any cut or style.

Here are some photos so you can better have an idea of great haircuts for different shapes of the face. So have fun find your shape and form a cut!


2009 Teen Choice Awards - Press Room

Round Face"Be Amazing" Stand Up Volunteer Initiative - Brooklyn

Oval Face85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Long Facelong

Blog post by Aveda Institute South Florida Cosmetology student: Melissa Adams