What Makes Aveda Different?


beauty school college student What makes AVEDA different? That question will become rhetorical once you experience the amazing educators, students, and the priceless products!

When my sister started AVEDA she would talk about it all day because she was so in love with it, and I would think to myself, “Well, what are they feeding her?!” But once I realized that Cosmetology is what I love, I followed in her footsteps and enrolled at AVEDA, and I must say my heart was stolen as well.

Never have I been to a salon and been pampered from a scalp and shoulder massage to a hand massage voluntarily. My fellow classmates come into school with such beautiful smiles that you have no choice but to smile back. At AVEDA we are taught that what you give to your guest is what you get back. From that itself, we develop relationships with our guests that will change your life forever.

Aveda Hair Salon in Tallahassee Florida

It’s even as if the guests know not to come in with a bad attitude because they are so encouraging and show so much faith in us to where we feel unstoppable when doing a service. The educators bend over backwards to make sure you learn in the ways that you like to learn and never let you go without an answer. I love the teamwork and love that is shown by every single person that steps in that building.

When my alarm goes off in the morning and I’m upset that my dream was interrupted I think about the fact that I’m heading to the place that will make my dreams a reality. That’s what makes AVEDA different!

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee Cosmetology student: Tonisha Scott

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