Why Aveda Institute Tampa Is The Best Beauty School For Me

Tampa Location

“I chose Aveda not only because of the awesome products and the values it stands for, but their graduation rate really  impressed me!  Starting my education at 50 has its challenges, but getting a top notch education at Aveda makes it worth it!  The curriculum and teachers are excellent.  Even when I feel I’m having a rough day there’s always an encouraging word to pick me back up!  I am loving my experiences and building memories that are priceless!  I’m really glad I chose Aveda!”  – Edie Patterson

“When I decided that I wanted to go to cosmetology school I knew Aveda was the only choice for me. I didn’t even tour the other schools in my area. My personal experiences as a guest in an Aveda salon is what made me want to be a part of this International Company. I love what Aveda stands for in their mission. I think the relaxing atmosphere, quality products, rituals such as hand and scalp massages and finishing touches are examples of why Aveda is a step above other salons. We are fortunate as students here to have so many guest come in to experience the professional services we offer. I am proud to attend school at the Aveda Institute and look forward to my future continuing to share these high standards with guests.” – Julia M. (Masters Student)

Student Tool Belt

“Like many of you, I’ve always known that I’ve wanted to work in the world of Beauty, but deciding where I was going to get my education was the mystery. After interviewing at a few different schools I finally came around to the Aveda Institute. As soon as I walked through the front doors I knew I was where I belonged. After attending the school for about 6 months now I can happily say that coming here was the best decision I have ever made for myself and my future. Aveda schools have the BEST education and the BEST reputation, not only in the world of beauty but around the world.” – Hannah Fish

Hair School Students

“I love doing hair because, it reflects the inner beauty of a person. I’ve loved doing hair from the moment I saw how happy I could make a person feel. I decided to go to school for hair to get my license, so I could work at a salon. At the time I didn’t realize what Aveda had to offer. When I walked into Aveda Institute in Tampa Bay, I fell in love with the school. It wasn’t just about doing hair, it’s about caring for each person that walks in the door, and the world around us. Aveda’s mission statement is something that is practiced regularly from their procedures, to being involved with the community, and the world of beauty. Attending the Institute opened my eyes to a different world of people, hair types, and how I give back to my community. Everything I’ve learned from Aveda, I practice and apply to my life for the better.” – Devona Sikes

“What drew me to Aveda at first was the smell of their products. It seems a bit silly, I know, but it’s true and starting at the institute has only reinforced how much I love their products. Now that I have been at school for a few months I have come to appreciate more than just their products. Everything that Aveda stands for is amazing to me, “from the products they make, to the ways in which they give back to society.” I’m so happy I have the chance to become part of the Aveda family.” – Jessica Quintero

Aveda student

“Growing up I always knew I wanted to do hair. But life happens and things come up, so I put myself on the back burner to be a stay at home mom. Knowing that both of my children were going to be starting elementary school, I knew it was my turn to do something for myself. I knew Aveda’s reputation for being a high quality salon and with the institute being so close to my house and my children’s school, I decided to give it a shot. The enrollment process was a breeze and the staff was very helpful. Since starting as a cosmetology student I have learned so much more than doing hair. You get a different  experience from every teacher and they all have a different way to get to the same end result. Now that I am in my final phase I feel like I am so much further ahead of the game and will be ready for working in a salon. Coming to Aveda has been one of the best decisions I have made and I know It will benefit my family so much.”– Carrie Mang