AISouth Aveda Educator’s Experience at Fashion Week



My experience at Fashion Week


I came to Aveda because I wanted to be a part of a culture. A Brand. A company with a mission that I could eat, breathe and live by. I knew by being a part of the Aveda family that I would have the support and education I would need to be more than just a hairdresser. I could be a leader in the industry.

I started in an Aveda Salon and quickly worked my way to being one of the top stylist. I’ve never been a sit and enjoy the success kind of gal. I’m always driven to do and be more. Once I hit my peak in the salon I wanted to jump to my next level. With encouragement and support from another educator, I left the salon and joined my new family at AISouth. I have been the Masters Educator for three years.

The most rewarding part is knowing I am making a difference. I am pushing and molding these students to be the best possible representation of what Aveda is. When the opportunity to go to fashion week presented itself, I had to jump on it.For everyone in this industry, attending Fashion Week is a dream come true. Any chance you can be there to just experience the enchanting chaotic atmosphere is electrifying. Knowing that your talent and passion created what walks down the runway, that millions of people will see, is intoxicating. How can you not want to be a part of it?

Image from Fashion Week
Image from fashion week

image from behind the scenes fashion week

I was chosen alongside other institute educators to work with Frank Rizzieri last March for Stella McCartney’s 2015 Resort show. That was my first taste of New York and the fashion industry. I was addicted. So naturally when I heard Frank was doing shows for Fashion Week with Kevin Ryan in New York I couldn’t resist trying to get on that team.

When I heard back from Frank and was given the green light, I booked my flight as quickly as possible. I flew into New York the night before. I had to be up for a 7am call time which meant 5am to insure that I looked awake enough and could jump on a train into the city to MILK Studios.

The first show was for a new company that is taking over celebrities closets called Baja East. The clothes are so gender neutral you could share them with your boyfriend. The look was very 90s inspired which was the theme for the runway with a live artist covering songs from such icons as Alanis Morissette, Jewel and Tracy Chapman. For the hair? Frank and Kevin wanted a “Lived-In” look. Imagine a young woman or man that travels the world. No time for anything a very messy sexy style. We walked in and without delay got to work. Time was our enemy and it was go, go, go, up until the last second before the models walked on to the runway.

Image from fashion week Image from NY Fashion Week
By 10 am I was in a cab rushing across town in the cold snow to get to our next show. The Jenny Packham show at Industria SuperStudio. Jenny Packham’s Collection was very pretty. Sizable gowns made with radiant colors flowed beautiful while walking down the runway. So simply the hair had to match.

The look was a more rock and roll style. The focus was playing off of natural texture or creating a soft textured look making sure we didn’t over shadow the collection. I spent most of my time at this show throwing myself into the mix. I stood right next to Frank and Kevin taking in every move that they made making sure I was there to hold a clip or pass a product.

Image from fashion week Image from fashion week

Image from fashion week

And then blink, it was over and I was heading back to the airport. I was in New York for less than 24 hours and was immersed in a culture that most people dream of. I can’t wait for September when I can do it all over again. I encourage all of you to ask your mentors, teachers, friends, family and professional network to help you get involved. Beg, borrow and put yourself out there to get to Fashion Week. What can happen in a New York minute may take years to achieve in other towns and cities. The people you meet in a day you may never meet anywhere else in the world. Be bold. Get invited. Get on a plane and do great work.

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