An Education in Esthetics – Where Can it Take You?

Where Can An Education in Esthetics Take You?

A career in esthetics has plenty to offer – the field is growing at almost triple the national average of all occupations! Thats why many people are looking to esthetics to jump-start their future. There are a number of potential careers and specialties licensed estheticians can pursue.

Careers in Esthetics

Licensed estheticians can practice a variety of services, or choose to specialize. Many estheticians become skincare specialists, focusing on facials and advanced exfoliation treatments. Skincare specialists often work with their clients long-term to improve their skin over time and advise on at-home care and products. Other estheticians specialize as eyelash or brow specialists, makeup artists, hair removal specialists, or nail artists. Working in a specialized area of esthetics allows these licensees to become experts in their craft with a reputation that supports a healthy list of clientele.

Estheticians don’t always stay in one place. Some choose to travel the world at resorts, on yachts, cruise ships, or lend their services to communities in need. Others choose to stay close to home, helping their clients learn the effects of different types of products in their own spa. Estheticians are needed in med spas, plastic surgery practices, dermatology offices, and more. The variety of work environments, schedules, and opportunities is one of the most attractive aspects of earning an esthetician’s license!

In addition to practical education in skincare, Be_. Aveda’s Esthiology program goes beyond to incorporate a variety of health and wellness techniques to help carve your niche as an esthetician or skincare specialist. We offer a traditional Ayurvedic approach, using pure flower and plant essences to rejuvenate and help clients achieve a natural harmony. Ayurvedic medicine is a holistic healing system originating in India and practiced for hundreds of years. It’s based on the belief that health and wellness are created from a delicate balance among the mind, body and spirit. We use the same exclusive Aveda products used in all Aveda salons and spas – products that are developed to help the environment and people, and are cruelty-free.

If this sounds like something you’d love to do, schedule a tour or apply to our Esthiology program today!

Where Can An Education in Esthetics Take You?