Why You Should Attend Massage School

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Posted on: Mar 10 2011
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An industry that is experiencing a lot of growth and interest is massage therapy. This therapeutic service is sought by and used by many different people and businesses. A lot of corporations hire massage therapists in order to provide relaxation techniques and stress management services to their employees. Also, many people seek personal treatment for the same reasons. AVEDA Institutes Florida offers a unique dual licensing program in Massage Therapy and Full-Specialist Esthiology.

Aveda Florida has 7 cosmetology and massage schools in Florida. They are located Tallahassee, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, and St. Petersburg. Our beauty schools provide training that is specifically designed to help develop the skill, knowledge, experience and sensitivity that is needed in order to work in a spa, resorts, high end hotels, cruise ships, for athletes, celebrities or your own local studio.

From the quality of our courses, to our high profile instructors, to the power of the AVEDA name, our students enter the field with the ultimate head start on the average massage school graduate. Our Aveda spas make the ultimate classroom. At AVEDA Institutes, massage school students get their on-the-job training in the same AVEDA salon, spa and retail environment they may someday call their workplace. Graduates leave prepared for real spa technician challenges and real client relationships.

Aveda Institutes Florida can offer financial assistance to students who need it. This includes financial aid, scholarships and payment plans for those students that qualify. Enrolling in Massage school is an investment into your future and Aveda can help you get the most out of your education.

Many therapeutic professionals consider the art of massage to be a combination of art and physical science. It is having the ability to connect the therapist and the client with a common goal of holistic healing and therapy. It also benefits the therapist personally in gaining self confidence and awareness thereby transferring the same elements to the client. All the therapies generally use both movement and touch therapy.

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