Goals for Success in Beauty School

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Posted on: Jan 29 2013
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To be a student at Aveda, there is something specific about the name that grabbed your attention. At Aveda, everything is about aroma, plant derivation, class, beauty, and helping the world surrounding you. As a new year goal, I would like to understand the full meaning behind the word Aveda. Everyone at Aveda knows that it’s not, JUST a word, it’s not JUST a name, and Aveda is not JUST a line of product like everything else.

Aveda is class, it is aroma, and it is making people feel beautiful. I want my work to show that I understand the meaning of our name. I want my work to say “that is Aveda, that is class, that is professional, and that is beauty”. My goal is to be a true part of Aveda and not to be “one of THOSE hair people” that, “I think they went to Aveda”. As a goal, I want to have no question where I learned my profession. I want to be Aveda.

Blog post by AVEDA Institute Tallahassee Beauty School student: Hannah Pearson

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When I started Aveda I didn’t think it was going to be as challenging as it has been. You must set time aside for studying. I was passing but just barely and really wasn’t giving my all. Before I knew it I’m taking guest! Wow! I’m almost half way through the program . I woke up the other morning and said this is going to be my career I have got to give it my all ! I decide to give 110% instead. I wanted to go above and beyond! I actually started studying and my grades came up and I passed my final with an”A” !

I was so proud of myself! Don’t doubt yourself because if you try and you really want this Aveda will help you achieve this! Mrs. Kay is an awesome teacher she will encourage you when you don’t feel like and she notices when you are actually trying and you care! I wish each student the best and if you are going to become a student set some goals! Give it your all! Make a difference! At the end of the day if you know you have given it your all then you can smile and be proud!

Blog post by AVEDA Institute Tallahassee Beauty School student: Jessica Rudd

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