Announcing a New Network of Aveda Schools: Be Aveda

We believe in embracing change. We have a huge, exciting announcement: our school network is rebranding and becoming Be Aveda Institutes! Formerly part of Aveda Institutes South, our new collective of five campuses in Florida make up our new Be Aveda Institutes family. They are:

This change is also exciting because the Aveda brand is such an important part of the experience at our schools.

What is Aveda?

For those who aren’t familiar with the brand and mission, Aveda is dedicated to creating naturally-derived beauty products that are responsibly produced and designed with the overall health and well-being of the user in mind. Aveda is inspired by the Indian practice of Ayurveda, which connect the mind and body as a unified source of wellness. Aveda brings the mindfulness of the earth and care for mind and body of Ayurveda to the world of beauty.

The Be + Aveda Mission

Aveda isn’t just about amazing products, Aveda is an experience and a lifestyle for many of our students. The Be Aveda Institutes adhere to Aveda’s mission, as follows:

”Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. We strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the globe.”

This mission is an integral part of our culture, and we want our students to feel like they are a part of something greater when they are here.

Our Core Values

With the new name and mission at Be Aveda, we want people to know what we’re all about. Our core values dictate what we do and how we treat each other. These values can help you know if Be Aveda is a place that aligns with your own goals:

  • Prioritize People – Whether between the staff and students, or the students and their clients, we want people to be aligned with their best selves.
  • Exercise Transparency – We lay it all out on the line, from ingredients to education. We want people to know exactly what we’re about.
  • Return to Nature – We find beauty and inspiration in the natural world, and embrace the Ayurveda way that Aveda was founded on.
  • Be Accountable – We are all accountable for our own actions, and we strive to give more than we take.
  • Have Fun – Life is too short for it to not be treasured and enjoyed. We strive to celebrate one another and have fun in all we do.

These values are important to us because we want everyone at the school to be on the same page and to be able to hold each other accountable. The values serve as a guiding light for all of us to help each other become their best selves.

Join Be Aveda Institutes

Be Aveda is making big changes to keep improving and growing. Are you ready to do the same? We offer programs in cosmetology, esthetics, barbering, massage, and even eyelash extensions so you can get involved in a career that you’re interested in. Begin by changing and growing yourself, then you can change the lives of others throughout your career. Be true to yourself, be true to your goals. Who will you be?

Contact us today to learn more about our programs and what you can do as a beauty professional!