What Beauty School Program Should I Choose?

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You know you want to pursue your passion and attend beauty school, but what program should you choose? We’re here to lay out the similarities and differences in our Cosmetology and Esthiology programs for you, so you can make an educated choice about your future. While there is some crossover between both of these programs, each is uniquely different and will lead you down a different career path.

What are the similarities between Cosmetology and Esthiology?

Both Cosmetologists and Estheticians focus on helping clients feel more beautiful and confident. As a Cosmetologist or Esthetician, you will likely work in a salon or spa as a professional, and you will be required to have a license or certification of practice. Sometimes, you’ll find that Estheticians and Cosmetologists work in the same place – it’s common to have both types of beauty professionals. You may even own your own salon or spa one day!

At Aveda, Cosmetology and Esthiology students receive hands-on education and practice. You’ll receive a balanced education both in the classroom and on our clinic floor, so you can feel prepared and ready when you begin your professional career! Rather than learning from books, our students learn on iPads – your curriculum goes with you, wherever you go. Additionally, our Aveda Institute Educators are all licensed professionals who will guide you through your learning process as you practice different services. You’ll also receive business training, like how to manage your salon or spa books, how to market yourself to future clients, and how to best orient yourself for professional success.

What are the differences between Cosmetology and Esthiology?

Now that we’ve covered the similarities, let’s talk about the differences between our Cosmetology and Esthiology programs.

Cosmetology involves learning about and studying a wider range of topics, including hair, nails and makeup, while Esthiology focuses more narrowly on the health, beauty, and maintenance of the skin. Although Cosmetologists do cover nails and skin care treatments, Estheticians dive deeper into the maintenance and health of the skin. Cosmetologists are licensed to perform hair, skin, and nail treatments. However, most choose to specialize in hair services like cutting or coloring.

In the Esthiology program, you will focus on skincare and beautification services. Some Estheticians graduate and go on to gain further certification or licensure, allowing them to work in medical offices performing certain medical treatments like laser services, which is not an option for Cosmetologists.

As an Esthiology student, the services you will learn include:

  • Waxing
  • Facials
  • Peels
  • Makeup application
  • Lash and Brow Tints
  • Sanitation and safety
  • Business development
  • And much more

You’ll learn methods to help clients experience their best self and will be given exposure to Aveda’s luxury skin care line and techniques.

In the Cosmetology program, your main focus will be hair and haircare. Most Cosmetology graduates become stylists in salons or salon booths, or salon owners. As a Cosmetology student, you’ll learn how to perform services like:

  • Hair styling
  • Hair cutting
  • Hair coloring
  • Perms
  • Up-Dos
  • Hair Treatments and masks
  • Basic makeup and nailcare
  • Sanitation and safety
  • Business development
  • And much more

Still wondering which career path may be for you? If you haven’t already, check out our cosmetology and esthiology programs to learn more. You can even submit your application today, or request more information using the form below.

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